Essay on evolutionary psychology

Evolutionary psychology would propose that male and female sexual behavior is centered on the innate need to optimize reproductive opportunity — men being visually stimulated and aggressive in order to ensure a fertile mate and reproductive opportunity, while women express nurturance and attraction towards partners who can provide, ensuring survival of the family unit.

Biologists tell us that the DNA difference between humans and our chimpanzee cousins is only 1. As human beings, we mimic eachother due to the desire to fit in and belong Social gluetherefore having a more chance of survival and less chances of depression.

Goodall was introduced to Richard Leaky who was so impressed by her knowledge of primates and natural history that Leakey offered her a job as his personal secretary on the spot.

Four exciting papers on evolutionary psychology

He stated, that as long as the spiritual soul of man emerged from the living building blocks that God created, then the Church has no objection to the physical voyage that man has Essay on evolutionary psychology.

The study of evolution and evolutionary psychology has been influenced by animal studies. Homosexuality and homicide Essay on evolutionary psychology two adaptive behaviours which both might represent genetic adaption of behaviour to increase survival and reproduction. When looking at homicide, the theory that being able to kill carries psychological advantages in an environment where it is required supports the idea that humans have evolved with some psychological adaption for killing.

Most human suffering, including the possibility of global conflict, occurs because of our ignorance of how behavior mechanisms evolved.

More than 10, respondants in 37 different cultures. For me, the reason that evolutionary psychology is important is that, scientists and scholars alike are finally all collaborating together to form a consensus on how the human brain, and thus human emotions, have evolved. Also, Zietsch investigates the idea that genetics carry sharacteristics of the opposite sex, therefore increasing their attractivness to the opposite se.

Evolutionary psychology

It procceded as a web-based survey which was completed by women throgh pregnancy-related websites. It involves doing things simply out of a desire to help, not because you feel obligated to out of duty.

We are separated from the animal within us by our higher consciousness. For six months, they were assessed and by the end of it all, found that participants were diagnosed with depression or started to consume anti-depressants. Strengths of this lab experiment was that ot was standerdized and controlled.

However, carnivorous ants did not display this difference as they obtained sufficient salt from their prey. The first you are familiar with: There are three periods of evolution. Drawing from this perspective, evolutionary psychologists and professionals seek to explain the differences between male and female dating and mating rituals and sexual attitudes and how they have evolved throughout the centuries.

It suggests that our digestive system has been evolved to break down necessary foodstuffs into nutrients so they are absorbed into the bloodstream and metabolized. Their argument that the principles of evolutionary theory were being ignored due to the major influence of the SSSM, Standard Social Science Model and should be reexamined.

As expected, women in the first trimester scored much higher in disgust sensitivity than those in the second and thrid trimesters, particularly when the scenario increased the possibility of contact with others or eating contaminated food.

Diane Fossey was sent to Rwanda to study gorilla, Birute Galdikas was sent to Indonesia to observe orangutans, and Goodall to Gombe National Park to observe chimpanzees -- they were called the "Leaky Girls. Once we know how such emotions as prejudice, hate, and anger evolved, we, as humans, can begin to change these negative behavior mechanisms.

Available only at this location on the planet. Basically seen as a very reliable experiment, as well as observable, conclusive finding were concluded. If evolutionary theory is correct it would be expected that jealousy would manifest itself in different ways in males and females: We have demonstrated that we can control our emotions and thus change our external behavior patterns.

As it was predicted, the male participants had higher heart rates and galvaic skin responses when considering sexual infidelity, while on the other hand, emotional infidelity produced the largest physiological response in females.

It is now evident that although homosexuality and homicide are two concepts that are no0t commonly thought to increase survival and reproduction, actually do because of behavioural adaption. Evolutionary psychology is an approach to psychology which seeks to explain psychological aspects of human behavior as a function of evolution.

It attempts to identify psychological processes, such as sexual selection and kinship relations, among many other things, as evolved adaptations. Evolutionary psychologists view human behavior and psychological traits as a result of evolutionary adaptation in response to reproductive needs – much like the concept of natural selection applied to reproduction, or sexual selection.

Environmental and Evolutionary Psychology Transcript PSYCH/ February 1, Dr. John Barker Environmental and Evolutionary Psychology Transcript Introduction The environmental and evolutionary psychology field is the study of how a person’s environment can.

Evolutionary psychology is the science that seeks to explain through universal mechanisms of behavior why humans act the way they do. Evolutionary psychology seeks to reconstruct problems that our ancestors faced in their primitive environments, and the problem-solving behaviors they created to meet those particular challenges.

Alyssa Schreffler The principles of evolution support the theory that certain behaviours seen today must have helped humans in the past. With that in mind, it can be true that evolutionary psychology is solely based on comparisons of behaviours on only what history allows us to look back on.

Evolutionary psychology

Social and Evolutionary Psychology In an attempt to define civilized man’s relationship to the jungle and primitive societies, one must first consider the theories of social psychologists who have offered interpretations of modern man’s reactions upon insertion into a primitive setting.

Essay on evolutionary psychology
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